Inter-Caste marriage turns sour on wedding day, Court unable to Intervene

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In a one-of-its-kind incident, an inter-caste marriage that turned sour right on the wedding day has failed to draw any intervention from the judiciary. A Delhi court where the woman appealed for divorce has expressed its inability to intervene on the matter.

Apparently, the court found itself in a bizarre situation and rejected the woman’s plea that simply stated it was a “mistake” to tie the knot with the man. The husband, on the other hand, complained that he was being threatened by the woman’s father to sign the documents for dissolving the marriage.

The father in law of the man happens to be a policeman who allegedly did not approve his daughter’s marriage with a man of different caste.

The family court hearing the matter stated that any opposition to a marriage on the basis of caste difference is a “violation of law” and it unsuccessfully tried persuading the couple that they should live together.

Because the woman’s plea for divorce was devoid of mutual consent of the husband, the court proceeding had to be stopped abruptly without any outcome.

The wife also claimed that she took the decision without even spending a single day at her matrimonial house as she understood about her mistake right after the wedding ceremony had finished.

“Father of the woman is also present in the court room and I heard him also in an effort to convey that merely because the husband and wife belong to different castes, there is nothing objectionable if they want to enter into matrimony and any such opposition based on caste difference is in violation of law,” the judge said.

“Despite my extensive efforts to put across the parties that we need to shun away the objection to inter caste marriages, I could not succeed in making parties agree to resume matrimony,” the judge added.

“The Delhi Police shall specifically ensure that no harm is caused to the man or his mother by the woman’s father.

“At this stage, the woman also expresses apprehension that something wrong can happen to her and her family also. In that regard also, Delhi Police shall ensure protection to the woman and her family,” the court said.

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