Do not insist on Aadhar Card Supreme Court tells Govt

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The Supreme Court of India has issued a fresh directive asking the central and state governments to adhere to its earlier order and not pushing Aadhar Card is a mandatory requirement for gaining social security benefits.

The earlier order referred by the apex court was issued in September 2013.

“In certain quarters, Aadhar Cards are being insisted on by various authorities. We don’t want to go into specific instances,” the court stated in response to a petition seeking a crackdown on the practice.

Former Solicitor General Gopal Subramanian who was representing the petitioners, stated that quite bizarrely the Delhi government was not insisting on Aadhar Cards for registration of marriage too.

Meanwhile, the central government, represented by the Solicitor General Ranjit Kumar, stated that the onus was on the state government to comply with the order, which they were not doing.

However, criticizing the Center, the bench consisting of Justices J Chalemeswar, C Nagappan and SA Bobde, said: It is your duty to ensure our orders are followed.  You can’t say states are not following our order”.

“Since the Centre and all the states are represented we expect all to scrupulously adhere to our order dated 23 Sept 2013.”

In September 2013, the SC had ruled that Aadhar can by no means be projected as prerequisite for public services. In March 2014, the court questioned the then-UPA government why Aadhar was still being treated as a mandatory option for any citizen who wishes to get their property or marriage officially registered.

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