Delhi Court draws similarities between Drunken Driver and Suicide Bombers Proposes Stringent Punishment

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Calling drunken drivers not much different from suicide bombers set out to kill themselves and others on the road, a Delhi Court said that tougher and more stringent punishment were the need of the hour to curb rash and negligent driving.

The court made this observation while setting aside the sentence awarded to an auto rickshaw driver who was found guilty of being in inebriated state while driving.

“It won’t be inappropriate to say that a drunken driver is like a suicide bomber, who has set out to kill himself as well as the other road users and thus deserves a very stern sentence which should have a deterrent effect and discourage everyone from driving after alcohol intake,” Additional Sessions Judge Virender Bhatt said.

The judge dismissed the convict’s plea against a trial court order that sentenced him to a jail term of 20 days.

“A stern sentence to these offenders would go a long way in making roads safer, thereby saving precious human lives. The menace of drunken driving has assumed alarming proportions and one of the ways to curb it is by imposing severe sentence on offenders,” the court said.

The court said that not only a drunken driver risks his own life, but he also poses threat to the lives of other motorists and pedestrians.

“Excessive consumption of alcohol blurs one’s vision and intensely impairs the ability to judge things on the road,” it said, adding that it is practically impossible for a drunken driver to take rational and spontaneous decisions while driving after excessive amount of alcohol. It negatively impacts their reflexes, the court said.

The Supreme Court also recently urged lawmakers to enact tougher laws for those found guilty of drunken and rash driving.

“India had a disreputable record in this regard and asked the lawmakers to re-look and re-visit the penal laws,” said the apex court.


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